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Fans are invited to nominate past players with reasons for their selection. It does not have to be any of the big names, just someone who reminds you of why you love your club. Send your selection(s) to:  theterror@btinternet.com.

Others are then welcome to add their own comments or memories.

I've had many requests to add Paddy Hasty to the HoF.  The only reason that I've not done so is because He appears on the list of international players, which I consider to provide automatic qualification.  However, Paddy was a very special player, so there is now a page just dedicated to him

Ralph Cowan

Signed:  1990         160 (approx) appearances, 46 goals

An all round sportsman who represented British Universities (three times) and was also a professional cricketer for Sussex.  In club football he played for Witney Town, Oxford City and Lewes but then suffered several years of knee problems, followed by operations and re-hab. Finally shaking off his injuries he signed for Tooting in 1990 and enjoying four successful years before more recurring knee trouble forced him to retire.

"One of the best and worst centre half’s the club has ever had.  Scored lots of goals and very under rated close ball control."  -  Nominated by Dave Messenbird

Desmond Dennis (1975-79)    

Signed: 12/75 from Barking.    148 starts (+22), 37 goals

"Whenever he got the ball there was always a sense of excitement in the ground.  Still remember his hat-trick against Sutton United in the 4th qualifying round of the FA CUP (1977/78)"

Nominated by Richard Hinkson

Denzil Flanagan (1958-60)

Signed: 6/58 from Ipswich Town.  Left Jan 61 to Chelmsford City.

69 appearances, 18 goals

"a very cultured player." - Dave Kelly

"didn't seem to have much speed but seemed to have the ball tied to his laces and invited opposition players to come lunging in only to move the ball out of the way and watch them go sliding off the pitch before trotting up the pitch and put perfect crosses into the goalmouth." - Richard Fair

Albert Grainger (1957-60 and 1961-66)

Signed: 12/57 from Ilford and again in 7/61, again from Ilford.   63 appearances,  31 goals

"He played on the wing, and used to race around like a greyhound.. Great player. As a schoolboy he was my hero." - Barbara Specht

"I used to love seeing him leave full backs standing with his speed - which is what led to the first goal against Forest when the panicking keeper thrashed at the ball with Albert bearing down on him and the ball rebounded of him into the net." - Richard Fair

John Harlow (1954-60)

Signed: 6/54 from Southall

116 appearances, 1 goal

"right back & captain."

Nominated by Dave Kelly

Laurie Hellard (1940-51)

Signed: from Ilford          350 appearances (League 150 app, 15 goals),

Played for the Kingstonian 1st XI aged 16, having captained London boys.  Laurie  was on the bench for the 1933 Amateur cup final, a feat that was repeated several  years later after he had  moved to Ilford.  Joined Tooting in 1940 he enjoyed a distinguished  playing career at the club. After a spell as player/coach at Leatherhead he returned  to Sandy Lane and filled a range of official roles, including club secretary, for  many years.

"an excellent right winger in the late 1940’s and through the 1950’s" -

Nominated by T Godwin

Kenny Holder (1960-69)

Signed from Elderwood BC 3/60.     291 (+3) appearances 27 goals

A local boy, Kenny attended Bond and Western schools.  Arrived in the first team via the Colts, the A XI and the reserves. Kenny played in several positions, but  most commonly at full back or right half.  Gained numerous representative honours  including appearances for the Surrey, London and Cumberland FAs and for the Isthmian  League.

"The original attacking wing back!"  - Nominated by Martin Ridley

Tommy Kerner (1947-52 and 1953-55)

Signed: n/a then from Kingstonian in 53, having also had a spell at Bromley.  Retired  in 1955 through injury.  146 appearances, 47 goals.

"A very good inside left and very good ball control."

Nominated by John Gardener

Dave Moore (1956-58)

Signed from Clapton.     48 appearances

"I would like to nominate the superb goalkeeper Dave Moore. this was during the glory years at T&MU. of late 50s.   Tragically Dave was killed in a car crash as I remember. But I can remember with clarity Dave saving several penalties in important games. He was a solidly built man of the Shilton type and  gave the appearance of physical  toughness as well as excellent reflexes. In fact in later years Shilton reminded  me of Dave!"

Nominated by Bill Jaeger

 Bob Parker (1941-53)

Only played for Tooting.  156 appearances, 59 goals

Originally from Scotland Bob became very much a local lad, attending Gorringe Park School and. joined Tooting from works club Wandgas.  Bob scored over 500 1st XI goals and "never broke the back of a net - he could head higher than most goalies could reach and his turn of speed was very deceptive"

Nominated by John Gardener

Wally Pearson (1958-63)

Born in Ottershaw, Wally was an exceptional goalkeeper who joined Tooting in the summer of 1958 from Sutton and enjoyed a long and successful association with the club that included 116 league appearances before moving behind the scenes.

Wally played in most of the great cup matches of the late 50s and early 60s and a regular in the league winning campaign of 1959-60, as well as the following season.

An England FA triallist, he also played for league and county representative sides.

Don Rhodes (1947-51)

Only played for Tooting.   84 appearances, 23 goals

Nominated by John Gardener

Les Walters (1947-58)

Only played for Tooting. Moved onto coaching and club staff.     

287 appearances   -  6 goals.

"An excellent centre half and a very good leader of men"

Nominated by John Gardener

Norman Williams (late 1950s)

"tricky winger/inside forward."

Nominated by Dave Kelly